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Attorneys in Redding Specializing in Personal Injury

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured? A personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Morgan and Kelley can explain your rights, outline your damages, and recover compensation. Serving all of Northern California.

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We won’t hesitate to go to trial to get you the full value for your personal injury case.

Personal injury cases can cover a broad spectrum of accidents, including automobile, motorcycle, or truck accidents; dangerous products; dangerous conditions of public roadways; or dangerous conditions caused by public entities. Injuries can be minor to serious catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, serious burn injuries, and wrongful death. All of them require proof of liability, causation, and damages.

Our lawyers have extensive experience working with the local court system in Redding and a wide network of well-established connections, particularly with local doctors and insurance agencies. In this way, clients can be assured of our ability to expertly handle cases in the Redding area.

Professional Attorney Services

car-accidentIf you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you will need to prove that either a person negligently operated a vehicle, which caused the accident or some defect involving the vehicle or the roadway caused the accident. Let us handle your case!

When involved in an automobile accident, some of the issues include the property damage to the vehicle, obtaining photographs of the car accident and accident scene, the property damage estimate, and where the vehicle is going to be repaired. There are then issues of actual cash value and repair and replacement of the vehicle. When making a claim with an insurance company with respect to personal injuries, in order to properly prepare a claim for a case against the insurance company or party involved, it will be necessary to: determine the amount of the medical bills; gather all of the medical records, including doctor reports; gather witness information, photographs of the scene and possibly of the injury, photographs of the vehicle; determine the amount of injury, whether it be permanent or temporary to the victim; any necessary future medical treatment, and the cost.

defective-productsWe represent individuals who have been seriously injured or killed as the result of defective products.

At the Law Offices of Morgan & Kelley, we have the financial, medical and legal resources to battle the large corporations who are manufacturing dangerous products, as well as the insurance companies and attorneys who protect them. As consumers, we have the right to expect a product we bring into our home is free from dangerous or deadly defects. When a company profits from a dangerous or defective product, it can and should be held responsible, both to compensate an injured consumer, and to help ensure corrective action is taken.

Yet the number of high-profile defective products cases is staggering — from Toyota to cough syrup and peanut butter, from toys marketed to children to medical devices and pharmaceuticals marketed as life-saving products that come with a laundry list of side effects.

discriminationSpecializing in employment law, job discrimination, sexual harassment, age, race, gender, pregnancy, glass ceiling, and disability discrimination, wrongful termination, whistle blowing, and much more.

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee or potential employee on the basis of race, religion, or national origin. Individuals who have experienced this type of discrimination may be eligible for compensation.

If you believe you have experienced discrimination in any facet of your employment, contact Morgan & Kelley. Our nationally recognized practice has helped numerous individuals exercise their right to fair employment.

motorcycle-accidentYour case should be taken care of by someone who rides and understands motorcycles. We know how to handle the unique aspects of a motorcycle accident case, and we can present your case so that the insurance company will understand and accept your side of it.

Motorcycle accident law is a very specialized area of law that requires the experience and expertise of a motorcycle lawyer, with a proven track record. We are recognized as one of the premier motorcycle accident personal injury law firms.

We are very aware of the great bodily harm a motorcycle accident can cause, and our lawyers and legal staff will do everything possible to get you through the physical, financial, and emotional challenges of your accident.

It has been our experience that most motorcycle accidents are caused by the other party involved in the accident.

brain-injuryBrain and spinal injured victims, as well as their families, need lawyers who understand the medical, physical, economic and psychological impacts of TBI and SCI.

The financial costs and emotional difficulties of brain and spinal cord injuries can be devastating to victims and their families. Daily tasks that once were so easy are now challenging. It can be a struggle simply to deal with the medical and rehabilitation needs while keeping your life and family going.

At Morgan & Kelley, our personal injury attorneys are skilled and experienced advocates for injured people. We have been fighting to achieve fair compensation for the victims of brain or spinal cord injuries for more than 32 years. Our commitment to injured people has resulted in a track record of significant verdicts and settlements.

sexual-harassmentWhether you are looking for a sexual harassment settlement, or to take a case all the way to trial, we have lawyers specializing in sexual harassment.

Did you know that you can be entitled to recover substantial money damages because of the wrongful sexual conduct of a supervisor or other persons in your organization?

Sexual harassment continues to be one of the most pernicious forms of employment discrimination. Both federal and state governments have provided a substantial remedy to you if you have been subjected to such abuse. The California sexual harassment attorneys at Morgan & Kelley will take every step necessary to maximize your award.

wrongful-deathOur lawyers are dedicated solely to representing people who have experienced a catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a family member caused by the negligence of others.

Morgan & Kelley has been helping the seriously injured and surviving family members for more than 32 years. Our lawyers are dedicated solely to representing people who have experienced a catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a family member caused by the negligence of others. We are proud to help our clients restore their future. Morgan & Kelley has successfully brought cases against major corporations, employers, state agencies, hospitals, doctors, nurses, trucking companies, and other wrongdoers.