8 Unusual Claims: Legal Trivia from Your Redding Attorney

MythBusters_Exploding_Water_HeaterWe take every personal injury claim seriously, but we have heard about some claims that are quite unusual. These cases happened in various parts of the world, but every Redding attorney has probably encountered at least one unusual claim as well.

Stuck in the Elevator

A senior woman in the United Kingdom got trapped in the doors of an elevator at her local Bingo hall for over 15 minutes.

Carpet Adhesive Explosion

Did you think that laying carpet was dangerous? In 1998, Gregory Roach and Gordon Falker of Ohio were severely burned when the highly flammable fumes from their carpet adhesive caused a nearby water heater to explode. They filed suit against the adhesive manufacturer, Para-Chem, and were awarded $8 million.

Grain in the Eye

In the 19th century, a merchant in Essex, England, got a grain of rice in his eye while guests at a wedding were throwing rice at the newlyweds. He received the equivalent of £3,000.

The Biting Horse

A woman was tending to her horse at a stable when another horse lunged at her and bit off a chunk of her lip. The horse wasn’t let out of his stable very much and had become bad-tempered because of it. The woman was awarded £21,500.

Left Dangling

A man was left dangling through the ceiling of the next floor after the floor below him collapsed. He had been decorating a bathroom when the floor gave way.

Scalded by a Hot Water Bottle

A girl tried to use a hot water bottle that she had bought at a 99p store in London. The stopper came off while she was in bed and the water bottle scalded her with its contents. She was awarded £10,000.

Beware of Cookies

Two teenagers in Colorado decided to bake cookies for their neighbors and leave them on their doorsteps. One neighbor sued them, saying that finding cookies on her doorstep caused her to have an anxiety attack.

The Forgotten Coworker

A man was loading a truck when his fellow driver drove off with him in the back. Because the truck doors were open, the man fell out of the truck while it was moving. All of this took place without the driver noticing.

We hope you don’t experience an unusual situation, but if you do get injured, ask us about becoming your attorney in Redding. No situation is too unusual for us.

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