Avoid These Common Victim Errors: Advice From Redding Sexual Harassment Attorneys

No Sexual Harassment Sign

No Sexual Harassment SignThere are many laws put into place to protect people from experiencing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, offensive conduct still occurs all too often, and people frequently don’t know what to do when it happens to them. If you find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted advances, undesirable sexual language or any other objectionable behavior, it’s important to take a stand and avoid making the same errors that other victims commonly make. And don’t be reluctant to seek advice from a local Redding sexual harassment attorney to learn more about properly taking control of the situation.

Not Getting Educated on Sexual Harassment Regulations

In order to know if you have a valid sexual harassment claim, you must first know what kind of conduct is considered to be unlawful and what your rights are in the workplace. If they haven’t armed themselves with this knowledge, employees may try to pursue a case that has no real backing or miss their chance to take action against a harassing boss or co-worker. Sexual harassment offenders can generally be held liable when their actions involve using sexual demands in exchange for employment status (known as quid pro quo) and/or when they have created a hostile work environment.

Sidestepping Confrontation to Keep Peace

Crude jokes, suggestive emails, improper touching, etc. are all forms of sexual harassment. If you are made to feel uncomfortable by anyone else’s misconduct, it’s important to address it with them right away before it continues, possibly crossing the line further. It’s common for employees to be worried about confrontation and retaliation, however, keeping silent is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It should be made very clear that their behavior is unwelcome and you want it to stop.

Not Retaining Detailed Notes of Incidents

After your initial effort to let the harasser know of their disagreeable actions, it’s a good idea to begin keeping a record of any continuing harassment. Detailed notes documenting dates, times, places, conversations and offenses will help a sexual harassment attorney prove your case when needed. Any reports made to your superior or human resources, anything related to the harassment that leads to actions of retaliation and all witness accounts should also be logged for reference.

Failing to Report Inappropriate Behavior

Sexual harassment in the workplace occurs much more often than it goes reported. Employees are scared of not being believed or of being punished, which only allows the harassment to go on and even progress in some cases. Failing to report this behavior in a timely manner to a supervisor or human resources department won’t fix the problem and can raise doubts during any future litigation proceedings.

Hesitating to Consult With a Sexual Harassment Attorney

Going through conflicting thoughts of who’s to blame and questioning yourself are normal emotions for a victim of sexual harassment. Nevertheless, it’s your right to work in a safe and pleasant environment, free of any harassment and discrimination. Hesitating to contact a sexual harassment attorney can work against your case. Get a lawyer involved early enough to help you file a complaint and end your distress for good.

Being conscious of these common errors and consulting a Redding sexual harassment attorney will help those who are enduring offensive behaviors at work to ensure that any violation of their rights is brought to an end.

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