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Your Auto Accident Attorney Suggests These 10 Winning Steps

auto accident attorney hires investigator

According to the California Highway Patrol’s most recent report, more than one-quarter of a million people were injured in traffic collisions in 2015. The state determined long ago that any collision involving motor vehicles is caused by one or more of the involved parties. However, determining fault in these...

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5 Expensive Reasons to Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

wrongful death attorney with client

Most young adults don’t tend to think much about the need for prearranged burial nor do parents expect to suddenly lose a child. Unfortunately, this mindset can leave many wondering how they will afford the expenses associated with the unexpected death of a loved one. If you have recently...

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Protecting Others Helps Your Redding, California, Injury Attorney Win

injury attorney reviews client camera footage

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has ceased using the term “traffic accident”, opting instead to refer to them as “collisions”, because one or more involved drivers will be found at fault for the occurrence. There really is no such things as an accident. Someone is always responsible for...

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Your Redding Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Factors Affect the Value of Your Case

hospital patient searches for personal injury attorney

Determining the value of a personal injury case involves a lot of math, coordination of professionals, and a series of medical exams. This task is not easily taken on by private citizens as no case is the same. Even though you may know someone that has suffered a similar...

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The Top 5 Reasons to Contact a Dog Bite Attorney in Redding, California

dog bite attorney discusses case with client

Each year, dog attacks send more than 800,000 victims to emergency rooms and half of them are children suffering from severe head and neck injuries. The highest at-risk groups include seniors and children under five years of age. With canines occupying 5 percent of American homes, one must be...

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5 Signs You Should Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Redding, California

young woman mourning wrongful death of loved one

When a loved one dies, it can be difficult for those closest to him or her to recognize the facts that surround the tragic event. Oftentimes, the details of the death are not readily known and that can lead to a lot of confusion for family members and friends....

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Your Redding, California, Wrongful Death Attorney Explains Federal Settlement Tax Laws

grieving woman places flowers on headstone

If your loved one has died as a result of someone else’s negligent or criminal actions you may have already begun the process of filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for your loss. Settlement awards in wrongful death cases can be quite large and most people do not understand the...

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Do You Need Help Getting Collision Damage Payments? Hire a Redding Auto Accident Attorney

auto accident attorney meets with insurance provider

For the most part, California residents follow the law and carry at least the minimum required vehicle insurance. However, there are still a few outlaws that drive without the necessary liability coverage and others that will commit a hit-and-run upon causing damage and bodily injury. Even if the other...

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3 Landmark Product Cases That Changed Big Business

woman with hot cup of coffee may need attorney

In the past century, Americans have witnessed a rise in consumer protection regulation the likes of which may never be seen anywhere else in the world. But these rules weren’t just thought up out of thin air. Every warning, rule, and regulation that is aimed at protecting American customers...

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Avoid Social Media & Let Your Attorney Do the Talking


Americans of all ages have embraced the use of smartphones and the easy access to social media they provide. Many Americans now rely on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for the majority of their news. According to the latest Pew Research Center update, 76 percent of Americans...

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