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3 Landmark Product Cases That Changed Big Business

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In the past century, Americans have witnessed a rise in consumer protection regulation the likes of which may never be seen anywhere else in the world. But these rules weren’t just thought up out of thin air. Every warning, rule, and regulation that is aimed at protecting American customers...

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Avoid Social Media & Let Your Attorney Do the Talking


Americans of all ages have embraced the use of smartphones and the easy access to social media they provide. Many Americans now rely on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for the majority of their news. According to the latest Pew Research Center update, 76 percent of Americans...

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A Redding CA Attorney Explains Your Civil Case & The Burden of Proof

Scales of justice with judge gavel on table

If you are being sued in civil court, the burden of proof will lie with the plaintiff. This idea is similar to the well-known idea that a criminal is considered innocent until proven guilty and the prosecution is required to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Unlike criminal cases,...

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Lawsuit Categories from Your Attorney’s Perspective

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Each year, 15 million civil lawsuits are filed in the United States. Generally, these claims are lobbied by a party who feels they have incurred a loss as a result of a defendant’s actions. However, not all cases are created equally. Some types of lawsuits already have rules in...

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Lawyer Education & Requirements Assure Redding Clients

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Clients can rest assured with the knowledge that the lawyers in this country have the knowledge and education necessary to run a country. Some of the best-known United States presidents were attorneys prior to being sworn into office. In fact, 25 out of 45 of them passed the bar....

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Will An Attorney Take Your Case On Contingency?

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In the United States, any private citizen that feels wronged by another has the right to file a civil lawsuit in order to recoup monetary damages against that person. The biggest problem facing potential plaintiffs is that difficult and complex cases will often bring hiring a lawyer out of...

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What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

Man sitting at gravesite with a look of sadness

When someone close to us dies there is always a period of disbelief that our loved one or friend has been taken away and will never return. In many cases that person’s death will be understood as being a part of our natural world and, although it may seem...

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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Lawyer

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Some situations call for a lawyer. When you’re getting ready to meet with a lawyer for your initial consultation, you’ll need to prepare. No lawyer wants to be thrown a blob of assumptions and random events. Additionally, a lawyer may charge you by the hour, even for an initial...

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4 Strategies for Collecting a Judgment

Hand holding folded and rubberbanded stack of dollar bills

You won a court case. Now what? In too many cases, the defendant is either unable or unwilling to produce payment. When you’re facing a reluctant debtor, you’ll probably need to do some additional work to get your money. You can either handle this yourself or enlist the help...

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Where to File a Lawsuit (and Other Important Details)

Lawyer Redding CA

By the time you’re at the point of filing a lawsuit, you’ve probably already had untold hassles with the offending party—usually surrounding the issue of getting them to pay or make good on their contract. But filing a lawsuit is a large undertaking in itself. Here are some things...

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