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Protecting Others Helps Your Redding, California, Injury Attorney Win

injury attorney reviews client camera footage

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has ceased using the term “traffic accident”, opting instead to refer to them as “collisions”, because one or more involved drivers will be found at fault for the occurrence. There really is no such things as an accident. Someone is always responsible for...

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Your Redding Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Factors Affect the Value of Your Case

hospital patient searches for personal injury attorney

Determining the value of a personal injury case involves a lot of math, coordination of professionals, and a series of medical exams. This task is not easily taken on by private citizens as no case is the same. Even though you may know someone that has suffered a similar...

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Hiring a Personal Injury Redding, CA, Attorney

One of the best ways to decide on the best personal injury Redding, CA attorney is to take a look at what kind of cases the firm has completed previously. What were the results of the cases? Does the firm seem to provide aggressive, high-quality representation for their clients?...

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How Your Redding Attorney Can Help You Negotiate a Settlement

Up to 95 percent of lawsuits are resolved in a settlement before going to trial. There are several reasons why most people choose this route. As your legal advocate, your Redding attorney will give you a recommendation on whether to settle or whether to take it to trial, but...

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Things You Should Tell Your Redding Lawyer

Getting a lawyer may be a step you decided to take after enduring a difficult situation that has remained unresolved. By this point, you’ve decided that the situation is bigger than you and that you need a third party professional to seek justice on your behalf. Here’s how you...

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Redding, CA Attorney Advice: How to Properly Gather Evidence


Gathering evidence is arguably the most important step in winning an accident, injury, slip and fall, discrimination or wrongful death case. When time is of the essence, evidence collection could be the only thing standing in the way of you and your rightful settlement. Over the years, Redding, CA...

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Clues That You Should Consult With a Redding Attorney


Having to deal with the legal system in any way can bring on a lot of stress and anxiety, even if you aren’t particularly guilty of anything. For some people, it’s natural instinct to seek out legal counsel right away no matter how minor the circumstances may be, and...

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A Redding Attorney Can Help You Win a Settlement From Your Car Accident

Car accidents in Redding

Car accidents come in all sizes and severity from minor fender benders to major damage from a driver who wasn’t paying attention to the road. In cases where the other driver’s insurance company refuses to settle in a fair and equitable manner, it may be time to consider hiring...

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Redding Attorney Advice: How to Improve Your Chances of Winning in Court

Redding Personal Injury Attorney

The thought of having to go to court is very intimidating for most people, even if they’re completely confident in the case they have to present. Unfortunately, not all legal disputes can be settled outside of the courtroom, and the situation can become even more stressful if you aren’t...

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How to Prepare For Your Redding Attorney Consultation

Law books with gavel

Whatever your reasons are for contacting a Redding attorney, you’ve made a step in the right direction towards helping out your case. Whether you’re in need of services due to personal injury, discrimination, product liability, etc., the best results usually come with the help of experienced legal counsel. It’s...

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