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Redding Uninsured Motorist Attorneys Clear Up Coverage Confusion

Side collisions car accident

Choosing your auto insurance coverage should take a lot of careful thought and factor in a variety of scenarios that you could potentially find yourself in when you’re out on the open road. It’s an unfortunate reality, but you can’t always trust the other drivers you’re sharing the streets...

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5 Ways an Redding Uninsured Motorist Attorney Can Help Pay The Bills


Bill Assistance from a Redding Uninsured Motorist Attorney There are many ways in which an car accident can have a negative impact on your life.  The reality is that when the accident was caused by someone with no insurance, the negative impacts compound.  Another accident type that will negatively...

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Redding Uninsured Motorist Attorney Can Help With Your Case

When a driver is in an automobile accident with another driver who has insurance with proper coverage, recovery for damages is generally straightforward. However, not every driver carries automobile insurance, which is in violation of state compulsory automobile insurance laws, or has the proper coverage. People do drive vehicles...

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Wrongful Death: Know Your Rights

Wrongful death is a generally accepted description for the consequence of taking the life of an individual resulting from the willful or negligent act of another person or persons. If a person is killed due to neglect or wrongful conduct of a person or persons, the decedent’s beneficiaries and/or...

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Insurance Tip: Why Uninsured Motorist Coverage is a Good Idea

You probably have never heard about it, or if you have, you may really not know what it is. Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage is a type of coverage that is available on your California automobile insurance policy. UM coverage is designed to pay you for damages that have been...

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Dangers of Not Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage

You may be a safe and careful driver. Yet there is a possibility that you or a member of your household will be injured in an auto accident caused by a reckless or careless driver. And according to ICL, there’s a possibility that your car could be hit by...

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The Answers to Six Important Questions About Your Automobile Insurance Policy

UNINSURED MOTORISTS Approximately one out of every three drivers on California Roads today is uninsured or inadequately insured. These “uninsured motorists” typically drive the most unreliable and unsafe cars, and are the least careful drivers. Nearly one out of every two-car accidents is caused by an uninsured or inadequately...

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Things Your Insurance Broker May Not Tell You

California Lawyer: Auto Insurance Coverage People assume an auto insurance broker is a professional, and rely on the broker’s advice when choosing coverage. While this is the case with a reputable insurance broker, in most cases the broker is more frequently interested in earning the highest possible commission than...

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