Clues That You Should Consult With a Redding Attorney


Frustrated who man needs attorneyHaving to deal with the legal system in any way can bring on a lot of stress and anxiety, even if you aren’t particularly guilty of anything. For some people, it’s natural instinct to seek out legal counsel right away no matter how minor the circumstances may be, and there are others who prefer to stay away from attorneys at all costs. When you find yourself caught up in a legal situation, what’s important is to find the right balance between these two actions and know when you can handle something on your own and when you have a case that truly needs representation. Below are some of the most common instances in which you should seriously consider consulting with a Redding attorney before going any further.

You Require Immediate Action

With just about every kind of legal case, you will be required to fill out a great deal of paperwork and file it with the court in a certain amount of time. Waiting too long to find out what you need to do may result in missing the statute of limitations and irreversibly damaging your case. An attorney will keep you informed of all upcoming due dates and file documents on your behalf when you are too injured or otherwise unable to do it yourself to ensure that you don’t fail to make the deadline.

You Don’t Understand the Legal Documents

If you have no legal background of your own, there’s a good possibility you won’t understand all of the documents that are being presented to you. You should never sign anything or submit official papers to the court without being fully aware of what it means. This is another benefit of having a lawyer that can go over forms, contracts and reports and then explain what you need to know.

You Don’t Feel That You Are Receiving a Fair Settlement Offer

Just because you have a valid personal injury claim doesn’t mean insurance companies will jump at giving you the restitution you deserve. It is the job of the claims adjustor to pay out as little as possible, and oftentimes, that means making offers that are way below what the case is actually worth. To avoid becoming a victim in this situation as well, hire an attorney that is experienced in negotiating with adjustors, which will give you a better chance at recouping costs to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and other related expenses.

Discrimination in the workplaceYou Think You’ve Been the Victim of Discrimination

The definition of discrimination can be really murky, and it’s usually determined on a case by case basis. If you think you’ve been wrongly treated, especially in a work setting, it’s always a good idea to consult with an attorney that is familiar with these kinds of cases. The first step is to determine if you even have grounds for a claim, and if so, then get appropriate instructions for gathering evidence and taking further action.

You Are Facing Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are nothing to brush off, no matter how unrelenting you are in maintaining your innocence. There is a lot at stake in a criminal case, and you don’t want to take the chance that a judge or jury won’t take your word for it that you’re blameless. Representing yourself in a criminal case should never be an option as the experience and knowledge of an attorney is invaluable in this delicate type of circumstance.

At the very least, a consultation will answer some important questions, give you better insight into the situation you’re dealing with and help you decide if a Redding attorney is needed.

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