Consult With a Redding Dog Attack Attorney Following an Injurious Bite

Dog attack

Dog attackDogs are a man’s best friend – until they decide to attack. Whether you’re an animal lover or not, facing a situation where you’re at the mercy of a violent dog can be quite a harrowing ordeal. Dog bites cause many serious injuries each year that often could have been prevented had the owner paid a little more attention. Unfortunately, you can’t trust every dog and dog owner you come across, so it’s important to know what steps to take in the aftermath of a bite resulting in injury. There are dog bite laws in place to protect victims, and your Redding dog attack attorney can provide you with more information.

Identify the Dog and its Owner

The first step is to identify the dog and its owner and get their contact information. This will allow you to go back later and find out pertinent details about the dog, such as vaccination records and other reports of attacks. It’s bad enough being injured without having to go through rabies shots as well because you don’t have the proper information on the dog’s history. You will also need to gather data on the owner’s insurance company and policy.

Document Evidence

If you are able to, take pictures of the injuries, place of attack, any ripped clothing and the dog that bit you before leaving the scene of the incident. Continue to document the progression of the wounds with photos as time goes on. It’s also important to record witness testimonies and maintain their contact information for further help with your case should you choose to seek restitution.

Get Medical Attention

Don’t wait to receive medical attention. Even if it doesn’t look serious right away, dog bites can lead to very painful injuries and infection if not tended to appropriately and in a timely manner. Keep copies of all medical records and bills, prescriptions and suggested treatments related to the attack to include with your claim.

File a Bite Report

It’s always recommended that you file a report with your local animal control after a dog bite has occurred so that they may keep track of potentially dangerous dogs in the area. It will not only help another victim who encounters the animal, but also help to legally document and serve as proof in your claim.

Hire a Dog Attack Attorney

Dog bite victims benefit the most from a case pursuing compensation when they have an experienced dog attack attorney on their side. A lawyer will handle all correspondence between the at-fault party, their insurance company and their attorney to ensure you don’t get cheated out of the amount you’re entitled to.

Dog bite laws can be confusing to someone who has never had to navigate through and understand them before. Let your Redding dog attack attorney take care of everything for you so that you may focus on recovering from your injuries.

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