Don’t be Mistreated if Your California Loved One Was a Wrongful Death Victim

Don't be Mistreated if Your California Loved One Was a Wrongful Death VictimCalifornia wrongful death claims can be made in the event that a death has been caused or initiated by another individual’s lack of responsibility. This also includes if someone intentionally inflicts harm, that has resulted in a death. In the state of California, a large number of wrongful death claims can be made for a wide range of reasons, and your California wrongful death claim will largely rest on your ability to prove this negligence or intentional infliction.

Truck accidents or vehicle accidents involving commercial drivers are an example of a California wrongful death, as are careless gun discharges, or electrocution due to the exposure of electrical wires, or even dog attacks. In the state of California, the law recognizes when a wrongful death is the result of poor medical attention and doctors are a large number of defendants in California’s wrongful death claims.

When you are considering filing a California wrongful death claim, your wrongful death lawyer will file a suit on behalf of the family of the victim who has died. The attorney will also file a suit placing claims on perpetrators and third parties involved in the wrongful death. For example, if the individual dies as the result of a vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, your Redding wrongful death lawyer will likely place claims on both the driver of the vehicle, as well as the company who employs the driver, and may have allowed the driver access to the vehicle that was in the accident. In the case of a wrongful death as the result of poor medical attention, a California wrongful death lawyer may file suit against both the doctor providing the medical treatment, and the hospital or clinic that the treatment took place in.

There is a wide variety of reasons when it comes to causes of death that are actionable in terms of California wrongful death cases. If you have a loved one or friend that has died, and you feel that the death wasn’t the result of natural causes, you will want to talk to a lawyer to see if you have action for a California wrongful death case. In many cases, the family or friends of the deceased are too grief stricken to even consider such a thing. However, statute of limitations do exist in California wrongful deaths, so you will want to try to take action as soon as possible. As soon as you suspect the death was not due to natural causes, seek legal advice immediately.

The biggest setbacks you may face in your California wrongful death case will be any insurance issues. For example, if you get into a crash and the other driver in the accident is uninsured, or there is poor insurance on the driver’s part, then you may not get much for your claim. Lack of insurance coverage is a leading cause in the dismissal of many wrongful death cases, but do not let this dismay you. Talk to a lawyer first and you still may receive damages.

Cases involving medical doctors are less of a concern for this setback, as the state of California mandates malpractice insurance for medical practitioners (regardless of malpractice insurance cost for them on an individual basis) which in turn makes your claim on the basis of a wrongful death in California stronger case as that insurance is firmly in place.

If you have a loved one that has died in the State of California, and you suspect the death was due to negligence or carelessness and not by natural causes, you will want to talk to a California wrongful death lawyer from The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley, call 530.221.8150

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