Redding, CA Attorney Advice: How to Properly Gather Evidence


legal-research-300x199Gathering evidence is arguably the most important step in winning an accident, injury, slip and fall, discrimination or wrongful death case. When time is of the essence, evidence collection could be the only thing standing in the way of you and your rightful settlement. Over the years, Redding, CA attorneys have won many tough cases due to incriminating evidence. Here are some basic things to remember.

Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Whether it is a critical injury or a painful and inconvenient one, seeking medical attention as quickly as possible is vital to your case. A doctor will need to assess your current injuries and the potential long-term side effects. If insurance and medical coverage is an issue, be sure to communicate that with your attorney and seek their advice on how to proceed.

Take pictures.

A picture says it all. If your injuries are external, a picture will clearly show your current and progressing pain and suffering. Likewise, if you can capture the scene of your slip and fall or the intersection of your car crash, the photos will speak for themselves. Provide these to your attorney as soon as you hire one.

Gather witness information.

Collect the name and contact information of everyone who witnessed the incident in question. You may not need to worry about collecting their accounts, but being able to reach them after seeking legal council is an important part of your case.

Keep random objects involved in the incident.

For example, if you are walking in a store and slip on a piece of trash that was dropped by an employee, try to save it. If a piece of metal flies off another car, hits your windshield, and causes you to swerve and crash, be sure that the piece of metal is preserved. All of these factors come in to play during a trial.

Document, document, document.

Take copious notes regarding every conversation and interaction you have that’s related to the case. If you can look back at a journal or file and know the exact date and time that you went to the doctor’s office, or made a phone call, it will be much easier to determine what will be used as evidence.

Every Redding, CA attorney is going to tell you something a little bit different, but these principles of evidence collection and documentation are true across the board. Being prepared will give you a much better shot at receiving the settlement you deserve.

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