Your Redding Personal Injury Attorney Gives You the Inside Scoop on How Insurers Evaluate a Claim

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Personal injury claims can be confusing and difficult to deal with when you’re trying to get well and recover from a serious incident at the same time. However, if you plan to seek compensation for your injuries, it’s important to start the claims process sooner rather than later. An insurer’s evaluation on the value of a claim is based on several factors before they ultimately decide on an amount they believe you are entitled to receive. It benefits the injured party in the negotiation stage to understand just what the insurance company will be considering during their assessment of the circumstances. Be sure to consult with a Redding personal injury attorney if you are pursuing a claim to increase your chances of recouping a substantial amount.

Damages Worth Compensation

Law books with gavelThere are certain damages involved in a personal injury case that the liable party, or their insurance company, may be responsible for paying out on. These most commonly include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, a lowered quality of life and damaged property. Insurers typically use a system to calculate an amount they estimate injuries to be worth so they can gauge a proper beginning for negotiations. This system involves adding all of the injured party’s incurred medical expenses to their non-monetary damages before multiplying that total by a number 1-10 (depending on how serious the injuries are) and then figuring in lost wages.

Percentage of Fault

The total restitution you end up receiving for your personal injury claim will largely revolve around who is found to be liable for the incident. The value of the claim relies on the outcome of the investigation into the percentage of fault between the two parties. If the injured party is found to have any liability, it will reduce the amount of the payout based on how high that percentage is. The most successful claims are backed by police reports, witness testimony, photos of the accident scene, documents pertaining to work and wages and the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney, who will make sure all these things are in order.

Medical Records

Insurance companies will take a close look into the medical records of the injured party as they apply to the incident as well as any files that may note pre-existing conditions for comparison to declarations of new injuries. They will also want to know how quickly after the accident medical attention was sought. It is significant to a personal injury case that the victim follow all of the doctor’s orders, continue treatment as recommended and to be aware for themselves of what information is included in their medical records.

Personal Background

Your personal background can also be a contributing factor to the financial worth of your case. Your age, criminal record and employment status may all be taken into consideration when an insurer is reviewing a claim. Nevertheless, it will essentially be the extent of your injuries, impact on your future lifestyle and your role in liability that will be the biggest deciding factors on compensation.

Have a Redding personal injury attorney guide you through the negotiations of your claim so you can make sure you come out on top and all your needs will be monetarily taken care of.

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