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Experienced Product Liability Attorneys in Redding

At the Law Offices of Morgan & Kelley, we have the financial, medical and legal resources to battle the large corporations who are manufacturing dangerous products, as well as the insurance companies and attorneys who protect them. As consumers, we have the right to expect a product we bring into our home is free from dangerous or deadly defects. When a company profits from a dangerous or defective product, it can and should be held responsible, both to compensate an injured consumer, and to help ensure corrective action is taken.

Yet the number of high-profile defective products cases is staggering — from Toyota to cough syrup and peanut butter, from toys marketed to children to medical devices and pharmaceuticals marketed as life-saving products that come with a laundry list of side effects.

Investigating the cause of Dangerous Products

Fighting the large corporations that develop and sell hazardous or deficient products requires strong, knowledgeable legal guidance. At the Law Offices of Morgan & Kelley, we collaborate with many of the nation’s top medical and legal minds to build cases that produce the results and settlement that you and your loved ones deserve.

Products can be deemed defective for a number of reasons, including:

  • Defective Design
  • Dangerous Construction Materials (asbestos, lead, etc.)
  • Negligent Testing Time and Technique (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Faulty Installation
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Improper Construction or Assembly
  • Faulty Repair
  • Delivery Damage
  • Insufficient Warnings and Labels
  • Misleading Instructions
  • Fraudulence

If you or a member of your family has fallen victim to any of these types of product defects that resulted in severe injury or even death, you should seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney Immediately. Evidence, including accounts of the accident, witness statements, medical reports and the product itself must all be collected in a timely manner in order to preserve the case.

You have the right to expect that a product will operate as advertised and certainly that it won’t hurt you! If you’ve been hurt by a defective product in or around South Bay, California, you could reach out to Kirtland & Packard for help with a defective product lawsuit.