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sexual-harrasmentHave you been sexually harassed in your workplace?

Did you know that you can be entitled to recover substantial money damages because of the wrongful sexual conduct of a supervisor or other persons in your organization?

Sexual harassment continues to be one of the most pernicious forms of employment discrimination. Both federal and state governments have provided a substantial remedy to you if you have been subjected to such abuse. The California sexual harassment attorneys at Morgan & Kelley will take every step necessary to maximize your award.

The claim of sexual harassment can take two forms.

  1. The first is that you have been subjected to a hostile environment because of conduct exhibited by your colleagues or supervisors to such an extent that it creates an abusive working environment. You need not prove an economic loss, such as failure to secure pay raises, to be successful. The fact that you were forced to engage in a sexual activity of course would be considered unwelcome, but there are other instances when you have participated willingly, for perhaps fear of reprisal, that nevertheless will be considered unwelcome and permit you to seek money damages.
  2. The second form of sexual harassment is known as “quid pro quo,” which requires an economic loss to be occasioned before your complaint can succeed. These losses may include firing, a failure to receive a raise or promotion, or other direct loss of remuneration in the work place.

Once a hostile environment is alleged, no economic loss is necessary. Additionally, in order to succeed, it is unnecessary to prove that you have been psychologically damaged by such conduct. All that is necessary is that you have perceived your workplace to be hostile and/or abusive. Recent court decisions have made it far easier to achieve success in the courtroom. It is very important that you retain the counsel of a qualified and experienced sexual harassment lawyer that will represent you and put your needs first.

The attorneys at Morgan & Kelley handle sexual harassment claims throughout the state of California. Please call our office today to speak with one of our attorneys who can help you with your case.