Types of Product Liability Claims That May Cause You to Seek a Redding Defective Products Attorney

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Lemon carWhen we set out to use one of the many products we come into contact with each day we generally don’t think about the potential harm that could be inflicted upon us should something go awry. However, the truth is, we never know when a product we’re exposed to is going to be defective. Unfortunately, this can happen because of a flaw in anything from children’s toys to appliances to our car. Being injured by a defective product may allow you to file a claim under one of the three categories of product liability. If you’re looking to seek compensation, consult with a defective products attorney in Redding.

Faulty Design

Under a faulty design claim, it must be proven that the defect was in the design of the product, making all products conceived of the same design a danger to any consumer who uses it. This means everything was put together correctly on the manufacturer’s end as they were just following the plans for the design. Examples of a faulty design may include a fan whose blades are not properly covered by a guard or a car seat that doesn’t attach to the base properly and separates at certain times.

Faulty Manufacture

A faulty manufacture claim states that there was a mistake made during the assembly of the product, whether it was the use of poor quality materials or negligence in the construction. This typically won’t affect other products designed in the same line, but the manufacturer can be held responsible for allowing the product to make it onto the shelf for consumer purchase. Examples of faulty manufacture can refer to a brake system in a car that fails to work or medication that was contaminated by other substances.

Faulty or Non-Existent Warning Label

Most products are required to provide consumers with labels that warn of any potential dangers or have specific instructions on safety use. Inadequate or missing warnings that could have prevented an injury are cause for a claim against those liable. Companies have a duty to warn if they are aware that unsafe use of a product could lead to harmful effects. An example of this would be the side effect warnings found on prescription medications.

Each circumstance surrounding a products liability claim will vary, but there may be several people responsible for your injuries. Working with an experienced Redding defective products attorney will ensure that you collect all evidence necessary to file and prove your claim so that you may recoup all costs that you are entitled to.

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