Signs You May Need a Redding Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination in the workplaceDiscrimination in the workplace comes in a variety of forms. There may be violations performed against you that are blatantly offensive or you might start to slowly notice subtle insulting remarks or actions directed your way. In either case, employees have the right to work in a pleasant and peaceful environment without the risk of being harassed. Oftentimes, an employee is treated unfairly for a long period of time because they are unsure of what is legally defined as discrimination or what they can do about it. The laws surrounding employment prejudices can be tricky to understand, so contacting a Redding discrimination attorney if you believe you have experienced any of the following signs of injustice is the best way to find out if you have a solid case.

Disparaging References to Stereotypes

When disrespectful or snide references are made either directly or indirectly to an employee in regards to their gender, race, age, religion, sexual preference, etc. it is usually considered a discriminatory act. While one comment coming from a superior or co-worker typically won’t warrant disciplinary action, ongoing instances of the same kind of controversial discussion or jokes made stereotyping a particular group of people can be deemed a breach of employee rights.

Suggestive Comments and/or Inappropriate Touching

Discrimination in the form of sexual harassment is one of the more straightforward ways of identifying if an employee has had their rights violated. However, many people confuse the terms of this type of infraction, thinking it can only come from a boss or only counts when it involves actual acts of a sexual nature. Inappropriate touching, asking for sexual favors and making suggestive wisecracks are all telltale signs of sexual harassment and can come from other co-workers of the same or opposite sex as well.

Lack of Recognition For Job Duties

If you are convinced that you’ve consistently done a job well done and were entitled to that raise or promotion you were passed up for, it may be evidence of discrimination. Many instances of discrimination involve favoritism being shown to fellow co-workers who haven’t necessarily done anything special to deserve it. Aside from an obvious lack of recognition for your work performance, this can also include an employer giving one employee fewer or less favorable job assignments over another, only providing fringe benefits to specific employees or doling out unequal disciplinary warnings or penalties for the same acts committed by others.

Whenever boundaries are crossed and hostile work conditions become the result, it’s time to seek the help of a Redding discrimination attorney who can assist you in fighting for your rights.

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