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abotaThe American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) is an organization restricted to trial attorneys who actually try a significant amount of JURY TRIALS, as opposed to simply court trials in front of a judge without a jury, or arbitrations or just settling cases quickly. In other words, these attorneys are the modern day gladiators for their client’s cause, and some of the best trial attorneys in the world have been members of this highly respected organization.

Admittance to ABOTA is restricted and by invitation only, and it’s members must possess and adhere to it’s strict requirements for JURY TRIAL experience, legal expertise, and ethics. To that end, ABOTA has three categories of membership—Associate, Advocate, and Diplomat, with the title of Diplomat being conferred on less than 10% of the membership and reserved for only the most experienced trial attorneys.

Learn more about ABOTA and why you should insist that your personal injury case be handled by a firm or attorney that is an experienced member of ABOTA by visiting their web site