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Confidential Settlement-Young girl v. Manufacturer and retailer

Outcome: $2,500,000. settlement at Mediation
Description: Defective / Dangerous Products. Snow Tube accident Eskimo Hill–Defective product case; partial paraplegia victim. Difficult liability case.

Two other law firms in Redding turned this case down before client called me. Confidential at request of manufacturer and ordered by court as condition of settlement.

Washington Client v. Red Dog Taxicab Co. (San Francisco)

Outcome: Jury Verdict $1,600,000. after settling with driver of other car. Cab Co. Appealed and case settled for total final settlements of $1,200,000 with all parties total
Description: Personal Injury. Plaintiff’s, husband and wife from out of state, flew to SF for Granddaughter’s wedding. From the airport, they had the misfortune of catching a Red Dog Taxicab which gave them the ride from hell into town where the driver ran a red light and hit a left turning vehicle. Very serious personal injuries by Mrs. Welch with lifetime disabilities.

Confidential Settlement after Hung Jury at Trial

Practice Area: Defective / Dangerous Products
Outcome: Total settlement between Trucking Co. and Truck manufacturer $1,250,000.
Description: Wrongful death of Husband and personal injury of wife(partial paraplegia) who were passing a truck and trailer while driving Mustang on SB I5 on right side in Anderson area. Big Rig changed lanes after driving in left (#1) lane an undue amount of time, knocking the Mustang off the road.

Confidential Settlement

Outcome: $1,200,000.
Description: Personal Injury. I5 Motor vehicle accident involving 18-wheeler truck and trailer and passenger car running in to overturned big rig during heavy fog. Big rig driver was negligent in the rollover creating the dangerous condition and further didn’t have proper warning lights or flares set out to warn others although there was plenty of time from it’s rollover to when Plaintiff eventually came along.

Eversol v. Twyman Plumbing

Outcome: Final Verdict for Plaintiff for $1.8 million dollars including accumulated interest during defendant’s futile appeal
Description: Personal Injury. Plumber failed to replace large 3′ grate covering drainage culvert in sludge holding basin in basement of dairy; when filling with sludge, danger invisible and plaintiff fell into severely injuring low back and neck; multiple surgeries and disabled from working.

Confidential Client v. a Siskiyou County Doctor

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice
Outcome: $100,000 verdict for the Plaintiff

Confidential client v. Local Doctor

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice
Outcome: $600,000 verdict for Plaintiff against the doctor.
Description: Misdiagnosis of breast cancer result in double mastectomy.

Red Bluff Client v. Tehama Medical Group

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice
Outcome: $900,000 verdict for Plaintiff including interest accumulated during appeal. FIRST EVER MEDICAL MALPRACTICE AWARD IN TEHAMA COUNTY!!!
Description: Misdiagnosis of Colitis and improper administration of Prednisone resulting in Joint replacements.

Redding Woman v. Kmart

Practice Area: Personal Injury
Outcome: Trial verdict $1.8 million including the interest from defeating their appeal
Description: Client tripped on shelf brackets left in aisle of store, twisting back resulting in low back surgery, life time pain, loss of income, limited work ability.