Things You Should Tell Your Redding Lawyer

Law3Getting a lawyer may be a step you decided to take after enduring a difficult situation that has remained unresolved. By this point, you’ve decided that the situation is bigger than you and that you need a third party professional to seek justice on your behalf. Here’s how you can have the best experience with your Redding lawyer:

Tell the Truth

There’s a legal word for not telling the truth–it’s called perjury–and if you’re found guilty of it, you may find yourself in an even tougher predicament. Even if the truth seems to be against you, it will still be in your best interests to divulge the truth and nothing but the truth. Besides, if a lawyer can tell that you’re being honest, they will be more likely to go to bat for you and develop the best case possible. A lawyer knows the law better than you do and knows how to use it to your benefit. However, if you lie in court, a lawyer is required to report it to the judge or withdraw from the case, which could alert the judge that you’re lying. Bottom line – lying hurts you.

Things Related to Your Case

You don’t need to tell your life story, but do tell your lawyer about things that directly pertain to your case. The things you don’t share could cause the most trouble.

Keep in mind, also, that you are paying for your lawyer’s time. Prepare for each meeting with your lawyer by making copies of documents and writing down the issues and your questions. Avoid bunny trails.

Dirty Laundry

Tell your lawyer about anything that may be used against you. Wouldn’t you rather share sensitive details with him privately instead of having it aired out in front of a public audience? A lawyer is sworn to confidentiality, which means that your dirty laundry is under wraps unless the opposing party decides to bring it up. If that happens, your lawyer can minimize the accusations since he’s had time to prepare.

Previous Run-Ins With the Law

Be honest about your record. The prosecution can use this to build a case against you and it could affect your lawyer’s plea bargains on your behalf.

Additionally, it’s best to let your lawyer know about any current or previous lawsuits you’ve been involved in. Your lawyer will need to make sure he doesn’t have any conflicts of interest with parties involved in other legal proceedings.

Professional Licenses

You’ve worked hard for that certificate on your wall. Let your lawyer know about it so he can do his utmost to protect it. You don’t want your livelihood to become a casualty of your lawsuit.

In general, you want to make sure you’re giving your lawyer an honest representation of the facts on your case and any information that he can use as a tool to protect you. Going the legal route may be your last resort, but it doesn’t have to be a grueling experience. Find a good Redding lawyer who will do his best to use the law to deliver justice on your behalf.

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