Top Three Legal Duties That Are Cheaper To Outsource


Don’t Pay A Dollar More Than Necessary

The legal industry, like most white collar industries, is ultimately just a simple numbers game. Revenue minus expense, input less output, or dollars spent subtracted from dollars earned. For those with a J.D. after their name, everything revolves around what they can bring to the table. Their knowledge of the law is the supply, and the finished product delivered to the customer can be either a service or a tangible product. As a lawyer, you are the golden goose. legal-researchWhether the owner of your own law practice or seemingly just another cog in a well-oiled machine, you are the source of income. If lawyers do not bill hours, law firms don’t make money. Period. Simple as that. Unfortunately, in the presence of such a black-and-white game it can be exceedingly easy to overlook the many moving parts that allow those lawyers to bill those hours. Paralegals, the IT department, various mundane duties such as court filing, overhead, etc. all contribute to you expenses without directly resulting in revenue. They are entirely necessary for a law business to run, but each of these services can be evaluated on it’s own merit. Instead of just begrudgingly writing a check twice a month, lawyers should evaluate the most cost efficient ways to perform each task needed and minimize the negatives in their equation. Either that, or look into outsourced accounting services to help manage costs in other areas, or perhaps to introduce them to outsourcing as a concept. Accordingly, we have provided a list of the top three legal duties that are cheaper to outsource.

1) Research
Research is possibly the most time consuming task faced by a lawyer. The sources are endless and, the wealth of information available is mind numbing. While certain cases will require that the lawyer in question be personally knowledgeable of all research obtained, more often than not, a few key points are all that is needed and the hours upon hours required to obtain those points can be simply and cheaply outsourced. Research work is at the top of the list because it can be easily performed by individuals without a law degree and outsourcing it will cost pennies on the dollar compared to the rates the law firm will be billing its client.

2) Process Serving
Process serving is a no-brainer. To waste a lawyer’s time playing bounty hunter or Where’s Waldo is the height of stupidity. Instead, every single law office should have a local go-to service for getting the serving documents into the appropriate hands.

3) Court Filing
Finally we have court filing. Out of the three, this one is probably the most underused. For certain cases, hundreds if not thousands of documents will change hands, and an inordinate amount of paper has to get filed with the courts. There are an abundance of due dates, signatures, and files that have to go in the right spot at the right time. That’s why a lot of companies and courts decide to use a paperless system such as the electronic filing system to help keep all of their files in one place so that it is less likely that they get damaged or lost when they are changing hands. A company such as FileCenter ( can help get you on your way to a more organized filing system. Some may decide to choose to outsource it to an alternative service instead. All too often, lawyers will waste half their time trying to organize and corral all this paperwork when they could simply outsource it to a tehema county court filing service, saving time, energy, and most importantly, lots of money.

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