What Redding Slip and Fall Attorneys Look For to Prove Liability

Tripping Hazard Sign

Tripping Hazard SignSlip and fall claims are quite common in the court system, but that doesn’t make them any less difficult to verify. Physical injuries aren’t always enough to determine who was at fault and who is legally responsible for the harmful situation. Many legal professionals in the United States are willing to help you and keep your best interests at heart, legal professionals such as a Florida slip and fall accident attorney will be able to help you, offering you support and help with the legal complication that you have at hand. Slips and falls in any country can be a complex legal case. This can be very hard on someone who is already suffering from the consequences of a slip and fall on someone else’s premises and trying to recoup costs at the same time. A Redding slip and fall attorney will work with you to prove negligence and liability and see to it that justice is served when there is truly a matter of unsafe property conditions.

Establishing Fault in a Slip and Fall Case

There are many factors that come into play when working to prove who is at fault in this type of claim. Your slip and fall attorney will need to find out if the property owner knew or should have known about the danger and could have prevented an injury from happening and also show that the owner didn’t fulfill their obligations to maintain a reasonably safe environment. Another way of determining liability is confirming that the owner or an employee actually caused the accident by directly contributing to the risky conditions.

Causes of Indoor Slip and Falls

There are a few things that customarily lead to indoor slip and falls, including escalators and elevators, stairs and floors. When transporting people from one floor of a building to another, escalators and elevators are expected to be fully operable and clear of any dirt or debris that could pose a safety hazard. Stairs should be lit adequately to ensure visibility, have appropriate signs posted when wet or waxed and be well-cared-for so that there are no missing railings, worn steps or lingering trash. Floors are expected to be clean but free of liquids (unless there are warning signs) and carpets, rugs and mats firmly secured in their place.

Causes of Outdoor Slip and Falls

When a slip and fall incident occurs outdoors, your attorney will check for poor lighting, perilous weather conditions, uneven sidewalks and unmaintained parking garages or lots. Failure to have adequate lighting on premises or not keeping up on parking areas that are full of grease and oil or pavement cracks and holes will often show that the property owner is responsible for any injury-causing incidents as a direct result. It is harder to prove liability in circumstances that involve weather or city-owned sidewalks. The difference between winning and losing a slip and fall case may be whether or not you have an experienced attorney representing you. A Redding slip and fall attorney can guide you through the process to give you your best chance at recovering medical and lost wages expenses. Slip and fall incidents in the state of New York may prompt people to get in touch with an injury law attorney like Scott C. Gottlieb.

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